Twins- How can you afford it?

by beagoodmom on February 15, 2007

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This is 3rd in my series of how to handle infant twins.

Q: How can you afford it?
Twins are almost twice as expensive as singletons, but not quite. You do not need two of everything, but double strollers, cribs, carseats, etc are required. Avoid falling into some common traps.

First, you do not need 2 swings, 2 pack and plays and 2 of each toy. Kids need to learn to share; let them start young.

Second, you do not need to dress them alike or in coordinating outfits. If you like that sort of thing, you’ll probably get plenty of gifts that will fill that need anyway. Save those outfits for photo ops.

Third, look for bargains and second hand items. Kids are gutsy, they will throw up on a $26 onesie from Gymboree. I found great items at local thrift stores and garage sales and saved a lot of money.

Fourth, look for items that will grow with your kids. We bought booster seats that strapped onto our dining room chairs rather than highchairs. They took up less space and could be used from birth thru age 3. We also invested in cribs that converted to toddler beds.

Finally, use generic. There may be people that swear the only diaper that doesn’t leak is Luvs or Pampers. I never got involved in those debates. We always bought Wal-Mart diapers. If they leaked, I washed the baby’s clothes. I doubt that I did so much additional laundry that we actually lost on this deal. The Wal-Mart diapers are significantly cheaper than brand names.

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