Twins- How do you take them out alone?

by beagoodmom on February 16, 2007

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This is fourth in my series on how to handle infant twins.

Q: How to you take them out alone?
This was never a problem for us. Babies are very portable, even twins. We always had a double stroller and could drop the car seat carriers in and go. I was home with the kids alone during the day and we rarely stayed home all day. When they were very young, we would run errands. Sure, it took time to get them in and out of the car each time, but it was more fun than staying home. We would run to Wal-Mart or the grocery store. I would either use a cart (one baby car seat in the top and one baby seat in the main basket) and stuff my purchases around the car seats or on the shelf under the cart. Sometimes we would use the stroller as a cart. I worried that people would think I was shoplifting so I always made a big show of emptying the entire under-stroller basket at the checkout.

You might wonder how we handled diapers and feeding when we were out alone. These things just take more time, but are not any harder with twins. I also never worried about where I was when it was bottle time. If we were at the pediatrician after an appointment and it was time for a bottle, I just sat down in the waiting room and did it. Sometimes, we had bottles in the cargo area of our minivan. My diaper bag always seemed smaller than other mothers’, even though I had 2 babies. I only travelled with what we would NEED while we were out. No convenience items. No travel size bottles of lotion. No boxes of zip┬álock bags. 0ne spare outfit per child. Pre-measured formula in a bottle and water for mixing. If your diaper bag weighs more than your kid, you need to rethink it.

Finally, if you travel to the same place frequently, stash some supplies at your destination so travel is easier. Both grandmothers had their own pack and plays, diapers, wipes and play blankets at their homes. (did you notice that in an earlier post, I said you did not need multiple pack and plays? Well, that is true at home, but if you expect the babies to nap away from home, you will. In our case, the grandma’s bought these pack and plays on their own, so they handled this for us. They each saw it as an investment in their grandmotherhood, I think.)

I do have one product recommendation that ties into this topic. I was never afraid to take the kids out alone. But I worried about how to get them in and out of the car by myself (our home at the time had driveway parking). After they outgrew the car seat carriers I needed something to allow me to get them both inside at once, safely. For that we bought the Ultimate Baby Wrap (edit: the Ultimate Baby Wrap is not available on Amazon anymore – This Moby Wrap Baby Carrier is almost identical), which I highly recommend. This allowed me to wear one baby and carry the other at the same time. This is the only special product I bought to help me with the twins, and it was money well-spent. It gave me confidence and made me feel safer handling both kids after they out grew the car seat carriers.

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