Twins- So you’re done now, right?

by beagoodmom on February 18, 2007

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This is the final post in my series on how to handle infant twins. These are questions that we have been asked.

Q: So, you’re done now, right?
A: This question is not really about the logistics involved in handling twins, but it’s one that we were asked A LOT. I think the insinuation here is that after “surviving” twins, you would not want to have another infant. I disagree with that assumption. We had a great time while our twins were infants. It was challenging at times, but so is life. There was never a day where we said that it was too much work. The rewards were much greater than the challenges.

Please don’t ever ask a new parent this question. It insinuates that parenthood is a necessary evil and that as soon as you reach the right number of kids, you get to stop. It’s especially insulting to a parent of twins because it assumes that we would have preferred to have a singleton rather than twins. Sure, before the twins were conceived, I did think I wanted a single baby. But ever since we found out they were twins, we have been 100% happy with that.

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