Twins noticing each other

by beagooddad on February 7, 2007

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When you announce that you are having twins, everybody tells you how great it is that your kids are going to have a built in best friend and how much they are going to play together and fight.

After 4 years, Geetle and Pookie still haven’t developed that bond yet.  Geetle would probably like to have a built in friend, but Pookie plays so much more differently than her.

Over the years, we have tried several things to help build that relationship.  They sleep in the same room.  Part of their bedtime routine is to hug and kiss each other.  When Geetle is bored, we tell her to go see if Pookie wants to play with her.  When they set the table, we have one get their plates and the other get their cups.

They do like to chase each other in circles around the house and have done so since they learned to walk, but that is really the only time that they consistantly seem to enjoy playing together.

A couple nights ago, I put them both in the bath tub.  I was tired and they were a little splashier than normal, so I pulled the shower curtain shut.  They started splashing up a storm.  I poked my head in every minute or so to make sure everybody was still above water and started to notice how much Pookie was making eye contact with Geetle and how much they were laughing at each other.  Every splash was geared at getting water on her.  He laughed every time she splashed him back.  Geetle was having the time of her life playing with her brother.

There were even several times where Geetle would say something and Pookie would repeat it.  Pookie has a strong tendency to repeat what BeAGoodMom and me say.  It is part of his verbal processing.  He knows we want him to say something and when he can’t think of the answer he just repeat what we said.  He has been starting to repeat things that he hears Geetle say a few times a day recently.

BeAGoodMom poured some bubbles into the bath tub and without adding any more water the kids filled the bath tub with bubbles with their frantic splashing.  By the time we took them out of the tub, they were both covered head to toe with bubbles.

It looks like all the things we do to try and get them to interact more are starting to pay off.

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