Let’s change the hot dog vs buns packaging problem

by beagooddad on February 12, 2007

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According to an article in Discover Magazine, Oscar Meyer only receives about 10 complaints each year asking them to switch their hot dog packaging from 10 dogs to 12 so you can buy in the same multiples as buns.

I went to their Contact Us page and asked them to change.  Here’s the email I sent them. 

Dear Oscar Meyer,

I was reading an article in Discover Magazine recently where they explained why hot dogs come in packages of 10 but hot dog buns come in packages of 12.  The article quoted somebody at Kraft as saying that you only received about 10 complaints a year about this.

I would like to officially ask you to consider changing your hot dog packaging to 12 hot dogs per pack to be more in line with how the buns are packaged.  It seems silly and wasteful to not have these two items packaged in similar numbers.

I could just as well petition the bread producers to lower their count to 10, but I buy bread from a ton of different companies and hot dogs from just a couple. 

The day I show up at a grocery store and one company is selling hot dogs in packages of 12 instead of 10 like everybody else, that company will find their way into my grocery cart.  As a life time fan of Oscar Meyer, I hope that company is you.

<My Name Here>

If you feel as strongly as I do about this issue, let your voice be heard.  Tell your coworkers, tell your dog, tell your blog readers, but most importantly, tell Kraft (since they own Oscar Meyer).

The journey to buying 12 hot dogs in one convenient package begins with a single email.  Write that email.

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