Valentine’s Days in the wild

by beagooddad on February 14, 2007

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I was listening to a rap channel last night where they were complaining about Valentine’s Day.  “It’s not a real holiday.  It’s a created holiday.  It’s a Hallmark holiday.”  I figured it was young college kids just whining to whine.

Then I was listening the Whoopi Goldberg radio show (which is really bad by the way) and they were giving the same lame whining complaints.

Then at work I have already heard a few people whining and complaining.  Damn Hallmark and the crummy holiday they made up.

My favorite complaint, and by favorite I mean the one that most makes me want to slam somebody’s hand in my car door, is that it is a created holiday.

Here is the most important thing you are going to hear all year so pay attention.

All holidays are made up by somebody.  There is no island where holiday’s are born and frolic on the beaches until they reach maturity and are released on the world.  There are no holiday’s fighting through traffic on their way to work.  There are no holiday’s trying to pick the best numbers in the local bars Super Bowl Pool.

There are no holidays in the wild.

We make them up to celebrate or remember something.  And if you don’t like Valentine’s Day the way it is, take it and switch it up.  If you don’t think Christmas and Halloween haven’t changed over the years, then you don’t remember your childhood.

If you think that you are getting pressured into spending too much money on presents, than find a different way to show your special someone that you are thinking about them.

So, remember.  Valentine’s is just a day to say “I love you” to the person you love.  If you can’t man up and say that, than instead of saying, “I hate man made holidays,” start saying, “I’m an insecure person who is afraid of discussing my feelings.”

Now, if you are not in a relationship, than Valentine’s Day can be a bummer.  But, I don’t celebrate Hanakah or Kwanzah.  You can choose to not celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Just don’t let me hear you complaining that you don’t celebrate man made holidays unless you expect me to take back your Christmas and birthday presents…and your Easter Peeps.

Happy Valentine’s Day, BeAGoodMom.  I love you.

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