Handling a stubborn daughter

by beagooddad on February 16, 2007

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Geetle is going through quite a stubborn streak recently. She needs to be constantly entertained. Even when she is, she is grumpy and bored. She is constantly telling us she won’t do stuff. This is a very typical conversation these days.

“I want to watch TV.”
“No, it’s time to clean up your toys.”
“But…I want to watch TV. Arthur’s on.”
“No. It is time to clean up your toys. ”
“No more buts. It is time to clean up your toys.”
“Okay. I’ll watch Arthur.”
“Go sit down on the naughty chair.”

In case you are not sure, Geetle is the one who is supposed to be picking up the toys in this script. I’m sure this is a pretty normal conversation for parents of 4 year olds that are going on 16. And, if I had some great advice to fix the problem, I would tell you. I promise. But, I don’t.

So, if anybody has one of those adorable newborn -18 month olds that I remember so fondly and is interested in seeing what bigger kids are like. I would be willing to trade with you for the next year or so.

If you are going through a similar phase at your house, you can try the techniques I mentioned here for breaking boredom cycles, but they won’t work. Four year olds are crazy.

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