When twins become friends

by beagooddad on February 19, 2007

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The kids really only have one game that they regularly play together.  The way our house is laid out there is a loop from the library through the dining room, kitchen, hallway, front door and then back to library.  They run in circles laughing hysterically all the time.  Sometimes they bump into each other, but they normally just run in circles and they don’t talk to each other.

Yesterday, they were playing that game and Geetle decided she was going to hide in the front closet and make us come find her.  We are working on getting Geetle to ask Pookie to play with her instead of us all the time.  So, instead of looking for her, we sent Pookie instead.  He ran a couple loops around the house and I finally told him that he should check the closet.  They both laughed and ran a couple more laps.

Then she hid again.  Pookie went straight to the closet and found her again.

Then Geetle got sneaky.  She hid under a blanket on the couch in the living room.  Pookie went straight to the closet and threw open the door.  He looked perplexed for about one second before running off looking for her.  He started saying, “Where is Geetle?” over and over.  He finally noticed her on the couch, pulled off the blanket and shouted, “There’s Geetle.”

Then they ran laps again.

Geetle finally collapsed in the hallway to rest.  She decided that she was a broken down Thomas train and needed a diesel to pull her.  Pookie decided to be the diesel and dragged her around the house.  They made up the game by themselves and played it by themselves…without me or BeAGoodMom begging Pookie to play or begging Geetle to interact with her brother.

There is nothing quite like watching your kids playing together.

Now, as I read this post, I realize that it might sound very pro-Pookie.  And, it is.  Stuff like this just feels like such a huge development for a 4 year old autistic boy.

But, I am equally proud of Geetle.  She is starting to realize that Pookie can be a fun playmate when mom and dad are being boring.  She is starting to ask Pookie things out of the blue.  She is starting to help explain things to Pookie when me and BeAGoodMom are not doing a good enough job.

Also yesterday, Pookie needed a new pullup.  BeAGoodMom told him to go into the bathroom and change his pullup.   He actually went in, took off the pullup, pulled up his pants and came back.  We told him that he needed to either put on underwear or a pullup.  He said he wanted a pullup and went looking for them but kept coming back without any.  So, we asked Geetle to take his hand and show him where they were.  She did and he put them on.

Yesterday was a very nice day.

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