How to make money online according to a four year old

by beagooddad on February 19, 2007

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We were eating dinner tonight and I had the following conversation with my daughter. It looks like Darren Rowse over at ProBlogger is going to have to stay on his toes. It looks like making money on the internet is going to come pretty naturally with the next generation. Just as a reminder, Geetle just turned 4 less than a month ago.

Geetle: You need to bring more heat in the house.

Me: I don’t have enough money to bring more heat into the house.

Geetle: Just go make more money on the computer.

BeAGoodMom: How do you make money on the computer?

Geetle: You just go on the internet and type.

BeAGoodMom: Then what?

Geetle: You type and get the money from the printer.

BeAGoodMom: How else can you make money?

Geetle: I could be an astronaut.

BeAGoodMom: What if you can only do one? Which do you want to do?

Geetle: If there was a computer on the rocket, I could do both.

You heard it first from my daughter. Someday, we will make money blogging from space.

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