Pop Up Pirates – Kid Game Review

by beagooddad on August 18, 2006

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Pop-Up Pirate is one of our family’s favorite games. It is one of the few games out of a box that both Geetle and Pookie like to play. Even better, they both like to play it together.

The simple game can teach your young child several skills including:

  • Taking turns. Each turn is very brief which means each player does not have to wait long until their turn comes up again.
  • Hand Eye coordination. The swords are fairly small and the holes you stick them into are also small. Your child will have to focus to complete their turn. After a couple games, our 3 year olds do not have any more trouble.
  • Color sorting. After each game, all of the swords need to be removed and redistributed to start the next game. Make each person find their own, or take turns having one person hand out all of the swords.
  • Cause and Effect. The swords go in and when the right hole is choosen, the pirate jumps out of the barrel. Our kids have learned to watch intently to see if this will be the time he jumps.

Game play involves placing a sword in a hole in the barrel. If the right hole is picked, the pirate jumps out of the barrel. Even with very young kids and a tough to find hole, no individual game lasts more than a couple minutes.

Pookie pulls this game off the shelf everyday without fail, sorts the colors and starts to play. Geetle will normally go over and join him. All without any help from me or Beagoodmom. When the pirate jumps out, they giggle everytime.

The pieces are solid and have held up perfectly to a couple months of constant rough play. The biggest problem is keeping track of all of the swords. We are missing about one of each color at this point. Hopefully we can make it to Christmas and maybe ask Santa for a new copy.

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