Open Letter

by beagoodmom on February 21, 2007

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Monday was a school holiday so the kids and I spent the day bumming around. We went to the local mall, which has 2 indoor playgrounds, Wal-Mart, the Pediatrician and McDonalds to play in the tubes. It was a pretty laid back day and it really allowed me to take note of the things that happened around us.

To the woman at the playground whose 2 year old twins were a bit exuberant and skipping in the line for the slide: You were right to let them keep on playing. The other kids were laughing and it was a game. They all started racing and you and I were close enough that we could break up any real problems. Plus, your kids were 2 and they are judged by a separate standard than mine. 2 year olds need to learn to take turns too, but 4 year olds need to learn to be kind to other kids and especially those who are younger.

To the grandmother who let me share her table near the door at the McDonald’s playground: It was kind of you to realize that I needed to sit near the door to prevent Pookie from wandering out of the area. That is obviously why you were there too. It allowed us to give the kids some freedom, yet enforce the necessary boundary if challenged.

To the clerk at Carson Pirie Scott: Thank you for engaging Geetle in conversation. She is practicing her social skills and really likes telling clerks her name and what school she goes to. You spoke directly to her and asked questions. She felt very grown up.

To the Greeter at Walmart : Thank you for letting Pookie organize the carts when we finished our shopping. He likes it when they are all pushed in as far as they will go. You said it was cute and I appreciate that.

To the cool teenage boys at McDonalds, dressed in skinny jeans, black suede VANS, Hollister t-shirts and spiky hair: As cool as you are, you were not too cool to let a little boy walk right into your circle. He was looking for his straw and you helped him find it.

To our new pediatrician: Thank you for taking the time to actually read the letter I sent you last week detailing the questions I wanted to discuss at our appointment today. You gave us some great information and print outs and we really appreciate that you took the time to prepare for our appointment and address our specific concerns.

To Beagooddad: Thanks for meeting us at the doctor’s office. It was just a 4 year check up, but its nice when you make the time to be there. We appreciate it.

To Geetle and Pookie: Thank you for being so well behaved today. You followed me around without question. Geetle, you asked me politely for pennies to throw in the fountain and told me when you were hungry for lunch. Pookie, you reached up to hold my hand when we crossed the parking lot and waited until I said you could push the elevator buttons. You both played nicely on the playgrounds and left peacefully when our time was done. You shared a bottle of water and a slice of pizza. You listened to the doctor and tried to follow directions. It was a good day.

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