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by beagooddad on February 22, 2007

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I promised not to talk boring technical stuff, but Brian asked me a question in a post about how to fix an annoying WordPress 2.1 “Feature.” He noticed that some of my posts were showing up as partial posts in his feed reader of choice and was not happy about it. He even had to censor out his naughty words (Don’t worry, the post he was commented on practically begged for naughty words in the comment). Once I explained the situation, he asked me to let you all know if I found a fix

I think I did. And this post is how I will test it. If you are using WordPress, you might want to read the rest of this. If not, carry on.

I’ll add a more tag here and explain the rest on the other side. If you are using a feed reader and can see the rest of this post it worked. If not, back to the drawing board.

If you want to use the “more” tag to create partial posts on your homepage and partial feeds, you can use WordPress 2.1 exactly as it comes out of the box.

If you want the “more” tag to work the way it always has (partial posts on the main page – full posts on the other pages – full posts in the feed) you need to monkey with the code.

When WordPress is building there html in version 2.1, there is a code that says if there is a more tag and it is not the main page, ignore the more tag. The old versions of WordPress said something along the lines of if there is a more tag and it is not the main page or the feed, then ignore that more tag. You can go into the core WordPress files and make that change.

I don’t recommend that, though, and won’t show you how to change the code. If you insist, then you can find google as well as I can. There are two ohs in google. If you have trouble finding google, you can search for it at yahoo. The problem with changing the core WordPress files is that when the next patch comes out, you have to remember any customizations that you have made to those core files and modify the new files accordingly. That is hard to keep track of.

Instead, somebody was nice enough to write a plugin. The plugin is called Full Text Feed. It gets rave reviews and if it works, this post will show up in its entirety in all our feed readers and only up to the more tag on the main page of this website. Dowload the zip file, extract the one file from the zip file and upload it to your server putting it in the wp-content/plugins directory with all your other plugins and then activate it from the WordPress plugins screen. The next time a feed reader reads your feed file, everything should be fine.

As a reminder, this is only needed if you upgrade to WordPress 2.1.

Keep your fingers crossed.

If it looks like this post is doing something other than what I described above, please let me know which feed reader or email subscription or URL you are using.

Also, if you hate the techy junk and just want somebody to magically make it work on your own WordPress 2.1 blog, let me know and I can try to help you through it.

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