Reasons to bring dad to the grocery store

by beagooddad on February 24, 2007

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BeAGoodMom handles almost all of the grocery shopping. Actually, she handles more than almost all. Sometimes I tag along so I can throw a few treats in the cart.

We dragged the kids to Aldi and another local chain today. As far as I can tell, we go to Aldi for some food and the other store for everything else. I can’t go into the details. Seriously, I don’t know them. BeAGoodMom has some food related posts that I asked her to write someday in the near future including talking about what she is planning to do tomorrow…Once a Month Cooking. I’m looking forward to those. I’ll probably learn a lot.

Anyway, here are reasons why I am a good person to bring to the grocery store.

If Geetle falls asleep on the way to Aldi, I can stay in the car with Geetle while BeAGoodMom shops with Pookie. Pookie takes advantage of the situation to help BeAGoodMom fill the cart and in general be a great little man.

At the next grocery store, I can push the grocery cart which is really useful since the cart had a very strong desire to pull to the left.

While walking through the produce section, I can drag Pookie around quizzing him on the name of each of the vegetables and fruits. He did a remarkable job at either knowing the correct word or using a word that was pretty close. Grapefruit are called oranges. Onions are called radishes. Lettuce is called cabage which is funny because of a family joke we had growing up that I’ll tell someday. But we’re getting there.

When Geetle decides she needs to go the bathroom, I can take her and prevent any slowdown of the grocery shopping.

When trying to decide whether the French dressing we have in our refrigerator would be a good substitution for the Russian that the recipe called for or whether the Russian Cream that is 20 cents less than the Russian, I can just throw the Russian dressing into the cart and start walking. That must have saved us nearly 10 minutes.
I can load the bags into the car and then carry the bags from the car into the house.

If pressed, I am capable of grocery shopping and actually buying decent food. I shopped when I was single and every once in a while would stock up on healthy food. I volunteer to shop fairly frequently but BeAGoodMom really prefers to be in charge of it which is probably for the best. One family can only eat so many boxes of Macaroni and Cheese and Oreos.

Thanks BeAGoodMom for keeping the cupboards and bellies full.

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