Mountains of clothes

by beagoodmom on March 8, 2007

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We have a mountain of outgrown clothes that I need to go thru and pass down to T-man and Baby Belaina. It is a daunting task and I have been putting it off. I had kept up with it reasonably well until the change of seasons last year (October 2006-ish). When the cold weather came, I took the outgrown Summer clothes out of the closet and threw them in what is known as the “secret room” (called this because the kids know the door is usually locked, not due to secrets but due to the chaos inside.) But the secret room is technically our spare bedroom and Uncle Ben was coming to spend the night last week. So I decided to clean up a bit…at least give the guy a spot to sleep.

I started to sort through the clothes last night, but it was a slow project. I kept getting distracted by images of the kids wearing each cute outfit. I’m not in the mindset to get rid of anything right now, I think its a winter-hibernation-nesting sort of thing, and T-man won’t need the summer gear for a few more months. So, I decided that I will push the mountain into the corner and deal with it later. Sorry Uncle Ben, you had to share the secret room with a pile of pink footed pajamas and 3T Bob the Builder T-shirts. But I knew you wouldn’t mind.

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