Basketball and a rainy day.

by beagooddad on August 21, 2006

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I will work very hard to make sure I never try to force my kids into doing things just because I like them as a kid.
Fortunately, my kids both seem to like basketball. Basketball was my life growing up. If I was not in school, I was on a basketball court.

We were at the store looking for a present for one of the kids’ playdate friends. He is turning four this week. We ended up with Hungry Hungry Hippos. That should be a fun game to watch the three of them play.

While meandering the aisles, I saw a Nerfoop. That’s right NERFOOP. I put in in the cart. Back home, I assembled, and shot baskets for ten minutes. The kids still have trouble throwing the ball high enough, but I can lift them while they learn.

Another good addition to the indoor basketball court is something like Little Tikes TotSports Easy Score Basketball Set. Say that three times fast. We used to have something similar when I was a kid. We set it at the end of a long hallway. When playing horse, the narrow hallway adds some really great off the wall opportunities. We also cleared out the living room from time to time and would play full contact half court basketball. Don’t forget to take down any pictures.

All of these indoor hoops are the best rainy day toys in existance. Ever. Put a couple kids in a room with a Nerfoop after lunch and come back to get them after dinner. It’s just that easy.

If your kids leave the room too early, they just do not know enough basketball variations. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Horse and Pig. But those games can be too short. Try Watermellon and Mississippi. Great for calming down the energy. Also good for spelling. Make them play through their spelling list for the week.
  • On Your Knees. Did something just break? Slow the game down by making them play on their knees. You can not move very quickly on your knees. You can not get thrown or body checked very far when your opponenet is on his knees.
  • Full Court. Get two hoops, empty the basement and let the kids go wild. This is very good for burning off any amount of energy your kids might have. Don’t watch them play, though. You will not be able to handle it.
  • Nap Time. Need a new challenge. All shots must be made from your back. The strange angle makes baskets hard to come by. Set the kids up to play a game to twenty and bask in the calmness.
  • Don’t Tell Dad. My uncle and I made up this version. One person is the shooter. He uses a nerf football, of course. The other person is the goalie. He uses a baseball bat of course. The shooter has to try and make a basket with the football.  All shots are made from the pitching mound located as far from the basket as practical. The goalie has to prevent that using only the bat. Points are awarded for each basket made. More points are awarded if the goalie can hit a home run while defending the basket. In retrospect, this game would probably be better suited for outside, but what can you expect from a 12 year old other than a crazy game and a broken overhead light.

One of the reviews of the Nerfoop complained about the paper backboard getting ruined by the rain. What? Who puts those outside? If you really must have an outside hoop, I think I found the perfect answer. The Mega Hoop Basketball. I really must get one of these next summer. For the kids of course.

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