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by beagooddad on February 27, 2007

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I stayed home from work sick today. Don’t worry about me though. While my lawyers would be happy to confirm this illness, it really is more of an “illness.”

The kids both go to school in the afternoon now, so I was able to spend a ton of time with the kids today and a very good morning it was. After getting dressed and teeth brushed, and starting a load of laundry, here are some of the highlights.


She helped unload the dishwasher including putting away some of the real, breakable dishes. She worked on a wooden board alphabet puzzle saying the letters and trying to figure out words that started with each letter. At one point she wanted to know why her school friend’s name started with a big ‘E’ and hers had a little ‘e’ (Note: the letter used was the her real second letter, not an ‘e’ – protecting the innocent and all). I explained that he had a big ‘E’ because the first letters of names start with big letters. That’s why she has a big ‘G’ and he has a little ‘g’. Geetle is now bummed that her name doesn’t start with an ‘E’. Then we read a book of opposites and then an alphabet book which she did with flying colors. Then she got herself ready for mom to drive her to school.


I gave him the silverware basket from the dishwasher and he put away all the silverware by himself. Then he played with the alphabet puzzle by himself. Then he chased his sister around the living room. I’m putting it under his name because it looked to be his idea. Then he played with his stackable ice cream cone. He sang a song called “Jacob Wore A Red Hat” where each person wears a different colored hat. While singing he placed each ice cream on his head like a hat. The letters spelling each color are inside the ice cream, so he started pointing to each letter and reading them. I decided to see how good he really is, so I started holding up colors and asking him how to spell them. He does it with about 80% accuracy and, when he is wrong, it is only one letter that he gets wrong. Then he started to pretend that he was painting the ice cream by dipping his finger into a blanket and then dragging it across the various scoops. Then he used his flat hand. Then his foot. Then he got himself ready foor school and waited with me in the garage for the bus.

The Point

BeAGoodMom is always telling me that I should try to wrap up posts with a point if possible. And besides just being fascinating for me to watch the kids this morning, there is a point, too. My kids are fascinating…but so are yours. All of our kids are really as amazing as we let them be.

I did a lot of watching today. I did very little saying “no” or trying to push them into a different activity. I helped them when they asked and watched them the most of the rest of the time. At one point Pookie brought all of his ice cream colors over to where I was sitting and sang the “Jacob has a red hat” song right in front of me making tons of eye contact. After several years of echolalia, it is the first time I remember him actually singing to me…like I was his audience. When he was pretend painting, I asked him what he was doing. He looked up at me and said, “painting.” I didn’t prompt him in any way. He just decided it was time to talk to me. He does that a lot more frequently these days.  Geetle waited until Pookie was done playing with toys and then asked both me and him if she could play with them.

I’ve been working on more posititive reinforcement and letting them play the way they want to. I also watched one of those Nanny 911 type of shows that really beat that point into me again. It is amazing how much kids respond when they get more freedom to do what they want.

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