What was all that 205 Nonsense about anyway

by beagooddad on March 13, 2007

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First, let’s get the winners out of the way. Bonnie won the random drawing, The Wandering Author wins the “favorite entry” category. It may or may not have helped to mention a short story that I had written in addition to mentioning the contest. Apparently I can be bribed. I’ll be sending you emails once I get a chance to look into what I need from you to order you one of those fancy Amazon gift certificates.

On to the good stuff.

First, let’s go over some of the clues.

  • I really love the time just before Halloween.
  • He could go.

The rest were just nonsense to throw you off the trail and let you know a few fun facts about me.

So, the time before Halloween that I am really looking forward to is October 19th. But it’s really all about that He could go clue.

January 31st was the kids’ birthday. A special occasion in and of itself. But, this year, we had another special event. BeAGoodMom and I had a visit to the fertility clinic. After a handful of months of embryo transfers, we had another on January 31st. On February 12th, BeAGoodMom returned for a blood test where they measured her hCG (He Could Go). The hCG levels were 205 something or others. The hCG increased exactly the way it should.

We are expecting our third child on October 19th, 2007.

I can’t believe none of you were able to put that together.

A long time ago, I started a series of posts about IVF. We happened to have just started going through IVF again. I dropped the series when the first results came back negative. Sometime soon, I’ll be bringing that series back to life with lots of fresh information. I’m also sure that there will be lots of pregnancy news and information coming in the next several months.

By the way, we’re not the only people going through the early phase of pregnancy after successful IVF treatment. Michelle over at Demented Delusions is a couple weeks further along. I have been wanting to send you all over there but didn’t want to talk about any of this stuff at all until I could tell you everything. Go over there and tell her I said hi. She’s funny, knows what all the stats and numbers of IVF and pregnancy really mean, and is well worth subscribing to.

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