by beagooddad on March 16, 2007

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Pookie seems to have developed a couple days worth of hives.  They pop up for about an hour and then go away.

I took him to the doctor yesterday and was fortunate enough to have one hive appear while the doctor was in the room.  I learned that the outbreak is nothing to panic about and is probably caused by an allergy.   He said that the hives normally show up off and on over a brief period of time (like a week or so) and then go away to never return unless they are caused by some kind of food/laundry detergent allergy.  If that is the case, the hives will continue to come back until we figure out what is causing it and remove it from Pookie’s life if possible.

The doctor gave us a week’s worth quick dissolve Alevert antihistamine to help control the itching and the outbreaks which should continue over the next few days whether we remove what is causing the hives or not.  Pookie is not a medicine taker.  He had a surgery a couple years ago and the nurses (the mean kind that know how to force medicine into a mad kid) could not get the liquid Tylenol into Pookie.  I’m a mean dad and I can’t get medicine into him.  We have been working on this and have managed a compromise that quick dissolve medicines are acceptable.

Hopefully, the hives will be something that goes away entirely in a couple weeks or we will probably have to send Pookie in for allergy testing which I can tell you from first hand experience is not much fun.

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