Our kids rarely wake up at night until recently

by beagooddad on March 18, 2007

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Geetle has decided to go through a little bit of difficulty sleeping through the night recently.  It started about a week ago when she decided that she had a sore throat after a long day of partying and Grandma’s house.  I personally think she was just overtired but what do I know.

Our general reaction to the kids having trouble sleeping is to check to make sure they don’t really need something, tell them everything is going to be alright and get out of the room without any more conversation.

Geetle was having a rough night.  BeAGoodMom is always tired anymore because of baby 3 leaching nutrients out of her body.  I was unusually tired for some reason.  After me going in to comfort her a few times over about an hour, I asked BeAGoodMom if I should just go sleep in Geetle’s bed.  BeAGoodMom said it was her turn to go in there and ended up sleeping with Geetle for about an hour.

I always preach NEVER sleep in bed with your kids.  Never is one of those words that doesn’t always mean every time.  I do think that as a general rule that you should avoid it whenever possible and when necessary do it in their room instead of your own.

When we had the old beds, we had a place where we read night stories on the floor.  It was a big pile of cushions and blankets wedged into the corner.  BeAGoodMom fell asleep a couple times there trying to comfort Pookie in the middle of the night a while back now.

The book nook disappeared with the new twin beds.  This marks the first time that either of us have actually slept in a bed with the kids at night time.

Don’t worry.  Despite a couple of similar rough nights over the following nights (where we stayed in our own beds), Geetle seems to have gotten over her night troubles and has no interest of us sleeping in her bed.  I pretended like I was going to sleep there tonight and got kicked out of the bed immediately.

I will continue to say that we should all NEVER sleep in bed with our kids but remember that NEVER just doesn’t always mean never never.  In fact, we are planning in indoor camping trip this summer.  I’m kind of hoping that ends up happening in our beds instead of on the floor.

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