Papa is one popular Grandpa

by beagooddad on March 19, 2007

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Papa may have one of the more fascinating careers as far as kids are concerned.  He owns some farmland most of which he rents to other farmers but some he keeps for animals.  He mostly handles cows, pigs, goats and sheep.  He buys them from auctions and then sells them to individuals and businesses looking for live animals that they plan on slaughtering for meat.

Since the animals are live when they come in and live when they go out, Papa’s farm is hugely popular with the under 4 foot tall crowd.

Recently whenever we get in the car, Pookie has been saying stuff like “Go to Papa’s house” “Go to the farm” and pointing out the window with his index finger.  The other day, we were going to my parents’ house for my birthday party which had guaranteed cake and ice cream.  On the way, we got the constant finger pointing and “Go to Papa’s house.”  We reminded him of the cake and ice cream.  “Go to Papa’s house.”

Yesterday, we finally made it up to Papa’s house.  Pookie walked into the house and immediately started asking, “Where’s Papa?”  Since Papa spends most of his time in the lower level of the house, Pookie marched downstairs looking for him and seemed bummed when he learned that Papa was already across the street at the farm.  Papa’s brothers live in the farm house and that is where the family eats lunch every Sunday.

When we walked into the farm house, Pookie saw Papa and said, “There’s Papa, gave him a high five and went about his day.”

Papa and his career have already had an influence on our children in other ways, too.  In addition to the normal animals, Papa has a tendency to buy more unique animals like Alpacas, llamas, donkeys just to name a few.  These are for collecting and entertaining Papa, his brothers, the kids and grandkids.

The other day we told the kids that we were planning on putting a fence up around the backyard.  Geetle instantly said, “Now we can get a llama.”  Sure.  Not having a fence is what was preventing us from keeping a llama in our yard in the crowded suburbs.

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