First bike

by beagooddad on March 20, 2007

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This Saturday, BeAGoodMom and I are planning on picking out bikes for the kids.  They have tricycles and pedal cars, but this will be their first big kid bikes (with training wheels of course).

We have been planning on getting them bikes this year, but the other day I watched Geetle try to pedal her way too tiny tricycle along with some kid about a year older riding a real bike.  He smoked her.  That can’t be allowed to continue.

Last weekend we went to Toys R Us to see what size bike they needed.  BeAGoodMom thought something around 12″.  I had never thought about it but probably would have agreed.  The kids sat on the 12″ bike first and it was clearly too small.  It looks like 14″ would be fine.  16″ might be a smidge big but they were both able to pedal it just fine.  I’m planning on flipping a quarter when I enter the store and letting that decide for me.  How come nobody ever put sizing bicycles on the secret parenting book they give away for free at the hospitals?

While at the store, we tried on helmets and knee/elbow pads and bought a set for each of them.  Geetle wears hers around the house.  Pookie doesn’t like his but I think he’ll come around when he realizes that he can not ride the bike without them.

I don’t remember ever having a training wheel type of bike.  My first bike was in 1st or 2nd grade and was dirt bike sized and ugly orange.  We also never had helmets or pads.  When we fell, we cried like babies, swore we would never ride again, and were popping wheelies and jumping on plywood ramps balance on blocks or the curb later that evening.

The general plan is to buy the bikes Saturday and give them to the kids on Easter.  We want them to learn the important lesson that both Jesus and talking rabbits think it is a great idea to ride a big kids bike.

I have a feeling based on what we saw in the toy store that when we give the kids the bike, they will not be getting off of them any time soon.  I’m thinking baths and bedtime with the bikes might even be asked for.

If you happen to see a couple four year olds flying down the sidewalk in your direction, you might want to jump to the side.  I don’t know how long it will take for them to learn how the brakes work.

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