Pushing kids to far

by beagooddad on March 21, 2007

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Geetle has a habit of telling me that she can’t walk anymore because her feet are tired when I am doing something boring like looking for grown up books at the bookstore.  I normally don’t believe her when she says it because if something more interesting comes along she seem perfectly capable of getting those feet running pretty quickly to get to the play area or cookie counter.

But sometimes I start to wonder if maybe I am pushing Geetle a little too far by making her walk all by herself at the mall.  She’s only four after all.

I just found evidence that proves that Geetle is a no good liar.  There’s not way she can really get tired strolling through the mall when this 23 month old kid can climb up a 26 story building in 26 minutes.

Suck it up, Geetle.  Next time we go to the mall I’m shopping for new blue jeans.

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