Preschool Prom

by beagooddad on April 1, 2007

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Geetle had her first prom the other night. We all went and ate the pizza. It is amazing how much a preschool prom reminds me of a high school one.

All the kids sat around the table eating without saying a word to each other. When the kids went into the dancing room, they all stood around not talking and interacting. Once the music started, a couple brave souls started dancing and the party finally got started.

Back when Geetle was in morning preschool she had a boyfriend that I will call Morning Boy. Morning Boy and her were virtually inseparable during school and everything she would tell us about school was filtered through what her and Morning Boy did.

When she switched to afternoon school, she picked up a new boyfriend, Afternoon Boy. They are the hot couple on the school bus.

Afternoon Boy did not make it to the prom. Morning Boy did. Geetle was all over Morning Boy and vice versa. They literally chased each other around in circles until they were both sweating. They danced near each other and played with toys together.

Afternoon Boy was an afterthought. Her old romance had been rekindled. Until the next day at school. When I got Geetle off of the bus, all of the other kids were talking about how Afternoon Boy has a girlfriend. Geetle went on and on about Afternoon Boy and poor Morning Boy looks to be forgotten until the next time Afternoon Boy isn’t available.

Those crazy prom kids.

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