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by beagooddad on March 22, 2007

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First, I found a neat little widget that will help us all keep track of the baby-to-be. It’s over in the right sidebar. What do you think? A little too creepy? Only 211 days to go. I better get moving on the projects.

This next note is cool. Mom Gadget made a request for people willing to have their blogs reviewed. There are some more tweaking things that I have been planning, so I decided to have her review this blog to get another opinion before I start poking.

I agree with almost all of them and had been planning a couple. I do not agree about the Technorati tags. I think they are not nearly worth the work. I just haven’t been all that amazed with them over the last year or so and have made a conscious decision not to use them until I change my mind.

The last one is something that I always try to get myself to work on more, but I’m normally typing stuff in a couple free moments here and there. I really am trying to do that last step more. Go over to Mom Gadget’s review of Be A Good Dad to find out what that last suggestion was.

Thanks for all the great suggestions. And to anybody reading, do you have any suggestions you would add.

Finally, the Carnival of Family Life is up at Digital Rich Daily. I have a post in it.

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