Bye Bye Pluto? Just say no.

by beagooddad on August 25, 2006

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Every kid loves Pluto. It’s so tiny and cute. It’s so far out there that we can’t even comprehend the distance. And, it is named after a Disney character. It couldn’t be much more appealing for kids.

Scientists, however, like facts and classifications and data purity. And, the scientists have decided Pluto is not a planet, but rather a lowly Dwarf Planet. Another rock in the sky drifting around the sun.

Textbook publishers are dancing in the streets. All new textbooks for everyone. Science webmasters are crying. All mentions of Pluto must be changed.

Just remember parents. Pluto does not really have to cease to be a planet. I think Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy could keep Pluto as the misfit planet that no scientists love. Maybe we can even give him a red nose to help guide his way through the distant orbit night sky.

Oh, the facts will eventually be taught. The cute little planet will eventually just be another rock in the sky. But, it does not have to happen on your time.

If you don’t think anybody cares, go check out the quotations on this site.

And don’t forget. Just because a bunch of wacky scientists decide to tell us how the solar system works does not mean that we have to listen. How many of us Americans believe in the metric system the scientists tried to sell us on a few years back?

You have the power to save Pluto. Use this power.

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