Baby update – The kids are excited

by beagooddad on April 5, 2007

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The baby in the belly is 12 weeks along now. You can see the live baby cam over in the sidebar. Click on it a few times to see the various countdowns and countups. Almost second trimester and calmer belly for BeAGoodMom.

The baby officially became a fetus during week 11. Good job kid. The sex organs should be starting to develop. We didn’t see anything at the ultrasound earlier this week but hopefully will during the appointment next month.

Baby at 12 weeks For those interested, at 12 weeks in utero, the baby should be about3″ long. For those of you fortunate enough to have learned the metric system instead of the ridiculous inches and feet nonsense, that would make the baby about this big. Isn’t that just so adorable. Or creepy or something.

Those sharp little baby razor blade fingernails and toenails should start to develop any day now, too. Grow baby, grow.

The kids have taken quite a liking to talking about the baby. We have been working with them to explain where the baby is at and all the things they are going to help with once the baby is born. Pookie probably thinks we are a little crazy but plays along.

BonesGeetle is all over the whole baby phenomenon. She’s committed to feeding the baby, bathing the baby, pushing the baby in the stroller, and playing with the baby. The only thing she refuses to do is change the diapers.

Today she asked us a pretty amazing question for a four year old. She asked BeAGoodMom with complete seriousness tonight, “Can the baby see your bones?” Where do they come up with this stuff?

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