Pregnancy Nutrition

by beagooddad on April 7, 2007

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Babies make moms hungry. Moms need to eat something like 300 extra calories a day. During the first trimester all that moms seem to want to do is try to keep the food in their stomach down where it belongs which doesn’t inspire them to head to the refrigerator as often as they should.

Hungry babyPregnancy nutrition is important. Moms should be eating lots of fruit, vegies, protein, calcium, etc. Talk to your doctor. They will give you the pregnancy nutrition pamphlets. Moms will read them, follow them when possible, but in reality it is normally the baby that decides what mom is going to eat. Babies grow really fast and are really hungry.

One thing about babies is guaranteed. A couple years after they are born, they will stop eating anything beside bread.

So back to pregnancy nutrition. From my personal observations, the best way to survive the first trimester is to eat early, eat often. Eat little snacks and small to medium meals throughout the day. It seems to fend off the worst of the upset stomach.

Taco Bell DogBeAGoodMom has always taken her pregnancy nutrition very seriously. The amount of salads that we ate while she was pregnant with Geetle and Pookie is still the stuff of legends at the local produce aisles.

We are learning something about the new baby that makes me pretty excited. It appears that BeAGoodBaby has a real taste for tacos. And not just any tacos. Taco Bell Taco Supremes.

I love all things Taco Bell. Geetle and Pookie are not big Taco Bell fans and neither is BeAGoodMom most of the time. BeAGoodBaby keeps making BeAGoodMom stop at Taco Bell for a quick fix Taco Bell Supreme.

BeAGoodBaby might not know much about pregnancy nutrition but (s)he sure knows how to get BeAGoodDad on his good side right from the start.

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