IVF – Disposing of the needles

by beagooddad on April 9, 2007

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We noticed a big change between our first attempt to get pregnant via IVF and our second attempt four years later. There were still approximately 8,000 shots a day but you don’t quite get rid of the needles the same way anymore.

Back during our attempts to get pregnant through IVF, we would dump all of the needles into a little red plastic Sharps container and when it got full, we would put it in the box we were given and FedEx would take it somewhere to have something fancy and official happen to dispose of them.

Today, things have changed a little.

We went through a ton of needles during our four IVF transfers this time. We placed them in the red Sharps container until it got full (we even had to take a Sharps container on the cruise). And then we just the Sharps container in the garbage.

I couldn’t believe it. Needles being thrown away and taken to the dump. Very strange but that’s what they told us to do.

I guess everybody came to the big realization that the old fancy and official disposal system probably involved FedEx taking them to the location on the address label and then the people at that location throwing the Sharps containers in the garbage where they were taken to the dump. Somebody must have realized they could streamline the process and get rid of the middle man.

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