IVF – Doctor’s office and your kids’ medical history

by beagooddad on April 9, 2007

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I took Pookie to the eye doctor last week. Everything seems okay so far. He might be a little farsighted but they couldn’t quite get a good enough reading to prescribe anything. He was able to do a lot more of the tests than when we took him last year now that he is getting so much better at following instructions.

The most troublesome test that he really should have been able to do was the color blindness test. He looked at each circle with the little number inside. Pookie knows numbers and Pookie knows colors so this should have been a slam dunk. Instead of reading the number, he kept saying, “Cookie. Chocolate chip cookie.” Pookie knows his treats, too.

For those keeping track, Geetle goes this week and just like Pookie we don’t expect any issues yet.

While there, I had to fill out that medical history information again. BeAGoodMom almost always handles that stuff since most of the appointments are while I’m at work.

Pookie’s relatives have a fair number of medical conditions of note. Diabetes to name just one. My mom and sister have asthma but I didn’t mention any of that. The eye doctor wouldn’t have cared anyway.

At some point, if you go through IVF and use donor sperm, you are going to come to the realization that none of your DNA has been passed along to your kids. They will inherit none of the strengths or weaknesses of your family’s medical history. My seasonal allergies and my allergy to poultry will not be an inheritable problem for my kids. Any bad hearts or arteries or eyes or hair on my side of the family will have no effect on my children.

There will also be a pretty big black hole of medical history that you just will not know about your own kids. The donor sperm companies do a decent job about getting a profile of the donor dad but to the best of my knowledge it is just a questionnaire that you have to hope the guy fills out accurately and honestly.

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