Brain Dump

by beagooddad on April 10, 2007

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I had about 1000 ideas float through my head during the last couple days that don’t merit full posts but I wanted to at least mention a couple. So here’s a little brain dump.

I was watching a Bulls – Raptors game the other day and heard a name that made me do some Googling; Anthony Parker.  Check this out.  He’s making over $4 million dollars this year.  My high school team played his high school team back in 1993.  He was averaging around 20 points a game.  I held him way below that and frustrated him to the point where he started shoving me for no reason and ended up getting a technical.  He ended up in the pros making $4 million dollars and I quit playing later that year.  Stick with your dreams kids.

The drive through at McDonald’s says “Now 24 hours.”  What they don’t tell you is that is their estimate on how long it will take to complete your order.

On a 4 lane highway, can we start using the left lanes for passing?  If we are not currently passing anybody, then we can get back in the right lane.  In fact, I would even go as far as being in favor of requiring that we get back in the right lane before we attempt to pass the next car.

1:30pm is an awkward time to drive home from work.  There is not much traffic so everybody drives 80+ miles per hour.  The cops have all finished their lunches and are snoozing on the side of the road.  Every once in a while they wake up and pull somebody over.  Which causes everybody to slam on their breaks and drive 55 for the next couple miles.  Rinse.  Repeat.

I don’t get called Hot Stuff much these days now that I am married.  I assume that the women say it when I am out of earshot still, though.  There is a 20% chance that I might be called Hot Stuff this week.  Erica picked what is probably my most popular post ever.  The one about why dads should read to their kids.  Go read the entries and vote for somebody…as long as you are planning on voting for me.

We’re going to be building a fence in my back yard this weekend.  I haven’t decided if the fence’s primary duty will be to keep the kids in or to keep the dog poop out.   Anybody interested in helping build a fence is welcome to attend.

On a related note, if I ever get confirmation of whose dog is pooping in my yard, I’m going to grab a good newspaper, march right over to their house and return the favor.

That’s all the thoughts I have today.

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