Questions for the Baby

by beagoodmom on April 14, 2007

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Here are some things Geetle has asked me about the baby:

“Does the baby like me?”
“Does the baby like it when I sing Hey Fiddle Diddle?”
“Can the baby see your bones?”
“Who will feed the baby?”
“Who will sit next to the baby in the car?” (she is hoping for this assignment.)
“Will the baby be 4 years old when it is born?”
“Who will watch the baby when you, me, Daddy and Pookie go to Papa’s?”
“Does the baby like garlic bread?”
“Is there room for the baby in the bathtub with me and Pookie?”

As you can see, she thinks about the baby a lot. I hope the actual baby is as exciting to her. Tonight I told her that soon she and I could go out and buy some bibs for the new baby. She had been lying down, turned away from me, but popped up with a look of pure glee on her face and said “with pictures on them?!”

When the baby actually comes, Geetle is going to have to attend a few Orientation sessions. I am quite literally afraid that she might try to feed or carry the baby by herself. She is so excited that I we will have to find a way to help her deal with it.

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