Gotta Get Goals

by beagooddad on April 15, 2007

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I’ve been tagged over at Mom Gadget to talk about my goals.  For the original rules of the meme, you can visit Alex Shalman’s Gotta Get Goals post.

Recently it feels like all I can do to get through a day a lot of the times.  Maybe talking about some goals might help me focus further down the path instead of on the day to day tasks.  I’m pretty tired after spending the last two days building a fence in the bag yard complete with digging our own post holes.  Forgive me if I miss something obvious.
Here are my Gotta Get Goals:

Family: Once the baby arrives in October, our family will be officially full sized.  Three kids and two parents will be just fine, thanks.  One of my biggest family goals is looking back in three years or so and noticing that all of the kids are friends with each other.  I don’t need them to constantly follow each other around, but I want them to have good positive relationships with each other and with BeAGoodMom and me.

Health and Fitness: I’ve learned over these two days digging holes and carrying boards that I am not nearly as fit as I would like to be.  I have two big fitness goals.  Get back under 200.  I’m currently around 212ish.  Run a marathon.  I’ve ran a few half marathons and I really want to do a full one.  The two kind of fit into one goal because there is no way I could get through marathon training and not get back under 200 pounds.  Once I get back under 200, my knees and back and over all energy level will probably improve a fair amount, too.

Money: I’m a big fan of money.   I am not a big fan of working for the man.  I would love to find away to make enough money through something like online income that I can dramatically change my career.  I’d probably always want some kind of a job, but maybe a switch to something a little more my speed like working at a bookstore or library just so we can keep health care benefits.

Fun: I get a bug to write a story or two every few months.  I normally do a little outlining, write a couple scenes, realize I wouldn’t want to read the book no matter how much it got cleaned up and abandon it.  Someday I want to finish a book.  I’ll probably release it on the internet instead of trying to get it published.  Someday we will all read our books online anyway, you know.

Vacation: BeAGoodMom and I are really bad at taking vacations.  We have taken exactly two real, hop on an airplane and go away vacations since we got married in 1999.  Only one of them was a full week long.  The other was a weekend in Vegas while pregnant with the kids.  I want to get in a position where a one week vacation or more every year is normal.  Preferably mix of them will be with the kids and without.  Who knows we might get so used to the vacations that we even take one totally by ourselves someday.

There you go.  Some of my big goals.  Let’s tag some people to make them spill their goals, too.

Let’s see who is keeping track of their inbound links.  Go get ‘em.

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