The thing I hate about being sick

by beagooddad on April 25, 2007

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It’s that time again.  I’m sick, BeAGoodMom is sick, Pookie is sick, Geetle managed to get sick and recover already.

We all know that being sick sucks.  Everything aches and you don’t want to move or breathe or eat or be awake.  I have a specific and very petty petpeave though.  But, first a little back story, some info about me, and perhaps a public health warning.

I used to be able to take any medicine no matter what shape or form.  During the last several years, I somehow got to the point where I couldn’t swallow any of them unless they were cut into little tiny pieces.  During that time, my good old faithful cold medicine, those DayQuil gelcaps (the ones that are so big that even horses are afraid of them) became impossible to swallow.

So I switched to Liquid DayQuil.  And this is where we get back to my petty complaint.  Liquid DayQuil is just too sweet and sticks to your teeth funny.  The taste sticks on your tongue and you can just feel it sitting in a little gelified pool in your belly making you slightly nauseous.  And I’m sick of it.  I dread taking another dose, which I’ll be doing in another 54 minutes.

It might sound petty, but there is a little bit more to it for me.  Just over 5 months ago I gave up pop.  I’m as shocked as anybody.  From 100+ ounces a day to zero.  Most of that coming from Mt. Dew and Pepsi.  If you drink enough Mt. Dew, the aftertaste gets pretty similar to DayQuil.  So in addition to the being a little disgusting, it also makes me crave Mt. Dew in a backwards kind of way.  I don’t want it now, but wouldn’t it taste great when I’m feeling better.

But, I won’t be drinking it.  And this is where we get to the public health warning.  Since I quit drinking the pop, I’m finding it a lot easier to swallow pills again.  I never cut any of them up anymore.  All the acid was probably screwing up my throat or stomach or somewhere in between and just not letting the pills go down all the way without way too much of a fight.  I’m thinking that I just might be able to take on the DayQuil gelcaps.  The only thing keeping me from trying is that if it gets stuck, I’ll end up throwing it up and right now my stomach is close enough to doing that on its own.  I don’t want to offer any assistance.

So what is your petty complaint with stupid colds and flus?

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