Chores and kids

by beagooddad on April 29, 2007

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We all know that doing chores with young kids is more work than just cleaning it up after they go to bed or off to school. It looks like we are not the only parents guilty of going the easy route from time to time.

With Taco Supreme on the way, we’ve decided to focus on getting the kids to do a lot more things for themselves no matter how much work it takes right now. We just won’t have the same kind of time with them in October.

Tooth brushing and face washing, picking out their own clothes, setting and clearing the table, and picking up toys and books at the end of the day are things that we are really focusing on right now.

We are also working on bringing them into chore days a little more thoroughly. Pookie does a great job of picking up any one set of things (that pile of books, that pile of Legos, that pile of Cave Dudes, etc) and then moving onto the next thing we ask for. Geetle is really good at that, too, but really prefers to help BeAGoodMom or me with whatever we are doing (folding laundry, putting away the clothes, vacuuming, etc.).

One chore that they both really seem to dig is vacuuming with this little stick vacuum that we have. We use it to clean up the crumbs under the table after meals. Pookie is especially into this one.

It really is amazing how many things they are doing these days. 4 1/2 is a really strange age because kids get so mature. It is easier to imagine them starting to run around the neighborhood, getting homework, learning to read, and having slumber parties during the next few years than learning to walk, ride a tricycle, and sleeping in a toddler bed and all of those things that they have gone through during the last few years.

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