Geetle really digs Pookie learning to go potty

by beagooddad on April 30, 2007

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Pookie did a reasonable job today.  He had a few accidents but BeAGoodMom had to keep track of him and Geetle as well as trying to get a few hours of work in so he wasn’t being monitored quite as closely as I was able to do with just me and him and nothing else going on yesterday.

I’m not sure if he ever completely walked over without somebody saying something to him, but I do know that one time this evening, I said, “What are you doing?” and he walked over to pee.

The person having the most fun with the whole thing is Geetle, though.  Whenever he goes she yells, “Pookie went to the potty!”  Is she proud of her brother?  Is she happy for her parents since they will have one less thing to keep track of when he gets potty trained?  Does she just like to yell?

While there might be something to that last option, the real answer is that Geetle loves M&Ms and we all get a few when Pookie pees in the potty.  She has become his biggest cheerleader.

Pookie went potty while getting ready for bed.  He immediately started his bedtime routine afterward so we decided not to worry about the treats and use it as a start toward removing the reward.  Geetle nearly had a heart attack.

“Did Pookie go potty?”


“Where are the M&Ms?”

“We’re not getting M&Ms this time.”


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