Swimming class mess up

by beagooddad on May 2, 2007

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The kids are in a swim class at the rec center. The class was my idea and I’m supposed to be the primary transportation. Due to building a fence one Saturday and BeAGoodMom coming to the first couple classes, too, this week was the first time that I had to pack for myself and get them over there.

And, I forgot Pookie’s swim trunks.

I was planning on sending Geetle since she is more in need of getting comfortable with the water. I was going to wander around with Pookie during the class. One of the teachers for NISRA told me she had a craft class starting about halfway into the swim class and Pookie could hang out in her room until the swim class was over.

But, some kid in the prior class had thrown up in the main pool they use for the little kids. So they had to shut it down and crowd everybody into deeper, smaller pools. The whole thing seemed so disorganized that we just walked back to the car and went to a park instead.

In the end, everybody ended up happy, but I felt really bad because Pookie LOVES the pool and he was about to get hosed because I forgot his suit.

I will be packing the bag the night before from now on.

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