Lead by example

by beagooddad on May 7, 2007

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I’ve talked about teaching kids that things like reading are fun by just sitting down and reading your own book to yourself. They’ll see you enjoying the activity and want to emulate it.

One thing that I really want my kids to learn to love is art projects. I loved them as a kid because we were always doing them. I am horrible about actually thinking them up and sitting down with the kids to do them.

Fortunately, BeAGoodMom is awesome at all things art activity related.

Yesterday, I was potty training Pookie again (we get a little closer everyday – I’ll write more about that later). To pass the time, I was doodling on the computer while sitting at the kitchen table while he ran around playing with toys.

He came up to look at what I was drawing and he started asking for things. I was drawing cartoon faces so he wanted them to have eyes, mouths, hats, etc. He had fun telling me what he wanted and then seeing them magically appear on the screen.

Then he sat down next to me and picked up a pencil. I grabbed some paper for him and he started drawing faces, too.

It was a nice reminder for me that leading by example only works if you are willing to be the example.

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