Eliminating Verbal Prompts

by beagoodmom on May 14, 2007

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Pookie’s teachers have told us that one of our big goals is to eliminate verbal prompts, get him to do what ever he needs to do without us barking out every step. This is harder than you might think. Even with Geetle, who is typically-developing, I find myself saying “Take your shoes off. Ok, now hang up your jacket. Wait! Put your backpack away. Ok, now go find Dad and tell him we are home.” Geetle is learning to do many things without explicit direction. If we say its time for a bath, she is usually naked by the time we follow her upstairs.

With Pookie, it’s even more important that we teach how to go through the tasks of life without a coach giving direction from the sidelines. So far, he is doing very well. He will get ready for bed, put away toys and get dressed without coaching. Now we are working on some of the other life skills he will need. This morning, I gave him a sheet showing all the steps involved in making a bowl of cereal for breakfast. He read the steps (there are picture words) and got started. He did pretty well, except he was nervous pouring the milk from the pitcher. I helped him with that and he was happy. Next we are going to work on making a PB&J sandwich by following the pictures of the steps. I think this will be a good thing for all of us.

By the way…..I printed a list out for Geetle too, because she always wants to play the special “games” we make up for Pookie. When I showed it to her, she said “But what if I want toast?” Oh, she is funny! Especially when she is not trying to be.

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