Potty Training Update

by beagoodmom on May 13, 2007

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How is our potty training going? Ok, but we still have work to do. Usually, Pookie does the pee-pee dance and we ask him what’s going on. He’ll answer “my pee-pee” or “need to get some M&Ms.” Then we will point him towards the potty, he’ll stand there and let it flow and then run for the pantry for his M&Ms. When we are at home and we are paying attention and Pookie is naked from the waist down, we are about 85% accurate with pee. About 25% accurate with poop.

Pookie has made several independent visits to the Potty at home. Just yesterday, he ran past us, went into the powder room and closed the door, without telling us why. BAGD stood outside the door and listened. Sure enough, we heard the tinkle and a minute later Pookie came running out for his high-5 and M&Ms.

But we still have several hurdles to clear.

We have yet to get an independent poop. Pookie has not successfully peed outside our house, not even at school. And he has not had a successful pee involving underwear or pants.

BUT! We are still feeling good. He is really getting the process at home. Sometimes he does not even seem to want the M&Ms afterwards. He also does not fight us about going into the bathroom any more; he used to whine when we would take him in there to practice. And he used to stand in front of the potty for 15-20 minutes, not going, even when we knew he had to. Now, if he has to go, he turns on the flow almost instantly. I went with him to school on Friday and we tried to pee in the school potty. He thought about it, but couldn’t do it. Next, BAGD is going to try to help him at school. BAGD and Pookie are like rugged-but-lovable coach and star athlete. They might fight, but they get the job done.

We found out that when you are potty training, you need to make it a top priority for every one in the house. With Geetle, we did this over a one week period and she got it. Then we could let our guard down. With Pookie, we have been on Potty Watch for the past 2 years, almost constantly. Recently we ramped up even more. But that is what you have to do. Even Geetle understands. Yesterday, they were taking a bath together and I was in the closet getting towels. I heard what I thought was a tinkle noise and quickly popped my head out of the closet. Geetle said “Don’t worry Mom, he is just playing with the turkey baster. It wasn’t pee-pee.” She is also rooting for him, because she gets 4 M&Ms when he pees in the potty, to help him celebrate. She’ll come running around the corner yelling “Did he pee? Did he pee?” So, its a real family affair around here. We’re all rooting for you Pookie!

Update: With BAGD’s help, Pookie peed 3 times at Mamaw’s house during the Mother’s Day visit. So now Pookie has officially peed away from our house.

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