What should the teacher do when your kid runs away from the classroom

by beagooddad on May 17, 2007

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Police: Substitute Drags 1st-Grader Down Hall. That’s the title of an article on TheBostonChannel.com.

Two kids threw a book at each other. The teacher stepped in to settle everything down and one of the kids said he didn’t start it…then he fled from the classroom.

The teacher chased the seven year old kid down the hallway, grabbed him by the arm and guided him firmly back to class. The kid ended up with scratches and lacerations on his neck. The teacher is now being charged with assault and battery.

There is video provided of the incident that shows most of the scene.

If I was a parent and saw my kid involved, I would probably tell him that he shouldn’t have left the classroom. What do you think? If your seven year old took off running from the classroom what would you expect the teacher to do?

I guess an argument could be made that the teacher could have calmly talked to the kid once he caught him and let the kid either come back to class or head to the principals office…but then what happens when one of the kids left in the classroom trips while walking to the pencil sharpener and the pencil ends up lodged in their neck while no teachers were supervising the classroom. Or another kid wanders out in the hall and heads off a different direction and ends up in the street underneath a moving minivan?

Or should the teacher have just let the seven year old run away and potentially end up under that moving minivan?

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