Family Photo Game

by beagooddad on May 20, 2007

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There’s a neat parent hack about exchanging photos when you set up a new playdate for your kids so that each kid knows what the other looks like and can associate a name with a face.

It reminds me of a game BeAGoodMom put together for Pookie a couple years back. She printed little 1 inch square pictures of everybody in both of our families and laminated them. Then she printed out a full piece of paper with all of the houses of each family member and laminated that page. Finally she added Velcro to each face picture and Velcro spots for each family member next to the house they live in.

Pookie quickly learned everybody’s name and where they live since he loves those kinds of matching games. And almost quickly started calling everybody by name.

We’ll have to try the parent hack tip the next time we set up a new playdate friend.

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