Another Potty Training Update

by beagoodmom on May 28, 2007

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I mentioned in a prior post that we still had some hurdles to clear with Pookie’s potty training. From BAGD’s recent zoo post, you will see that we cleared one. But with most things Pookie does, we will need some repetition in order to make it stick. We went to Menards today and he made no attempt to tell me he had to pee. So, it is too soon to say that he is now willing to pee places other than at home. We also have not had any progress on wearing underwear while potty training. He still does all of his practicing while naked from the waist down.

But we have had some real developments this past week.
Peeing at our house, while naked from the waist down = 100% of the time. A solid 100%. For real.
Pooping at our house, while naked from the waist down= 100% of the time.
Vocalizing what is going on = almost 75% of the time.
Willingness to use the big potty for pee = 100% of the time.
Willingness to use the big potty for poop = ….not so much, but he is considering it.

It is very strange to “trust” him on this. But things are so good at home that we do not follow him around, watching for accidents. He will take care of business and then come tell us he wants M&Ms. He has not had an accident at home (while naked) in weeks. Including poop. Poop confuses him a bit. He feels it coming and runs to stand in front of the potty. But then nothing happens, so he runs away, only to return in a few minutes to try again. Then finally, he will try sitting down and there you go. Pookie struggles with language, so the fact that he will often tell us “I want to go pee” is huge. He is doing that more and more. We always knew that he would not understand potty-training until he had words for it. Now that he does, things are going much better.

We also had a really good thing happen tonight. He was already in his night time pull up when he felt the urge to pee. Usually, he would just let it fly, knowing that he has a pull up on. But tonight, he ran to the potty and stood in front of it, giving BAGD a puzzled “now what?!” look. So BAGD helped him get ready and he peed in the potty, not in the pull up.

The progress is slow, but unlike other times we have pushed the potty-training, this time Pookie is on board. We still have those other hurdles (underwear and outside-the-house-pees) but we are still feeling strong.

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