A Local Celebrity

by beagoodmom on June 6, 2007

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I am related to a local celebrity. No, its not BAGD. Its his sister, Aunt Shel.

We live in a fairly big city. I have never seen any of my neighbors at Walmart. I don’t know anyone who works at the local Dairy Queen or the city Water Dept. I never know anyone in the Police Blotter or the High School Honor Roll published in the newspaper. It’s a big city; there’s lots of people and we all blend in. The whole “6 degrees of separation” theory does not really hold true for me.

WELL! Today I found out that I do know a local celebrity. I was picking Geetle up from school, waiting in the lobby for class to end. In walked a 9 or 10 year old boy, waiting for his brother. I smiled at him and he commented on the small class today. Very nice boy. We chit-chatted about school and he told me that he had worn funny clothes to school today, part of “XYZ School’s Spirit Week”. I told him that I knew a teacher at XYZ school, my sister-in-law, Aunt Shel.

He got the most wide-eyed and star-struck look on his face! It was like I told him I knew Paris Hilton or Johnny Depp. He told me that he was not in Shel’s class, but that he was in the class next door, and that he wanted to be in her class next year but wouldn’t because “she is getting maaaaarieeeed and moving awaaaaaay.” (you had better watch out for this kind of backlash, “my Mark”). I asked him his name, saying I would tell Shel that we had met. He blushed and grinned as he told me.

So, I was reminded today that teachers are very famous in their circles. And I am proud to say that I am related to several, including Aunt Shel.

Have you ever noticed how even children who hate school, somehow still LOVE their teachers? I think its because all children want to be noticed and paid attention. In the big, bad world of grownups there are few adults that will do that on a regular basis. Sometimes, it’s just your parents (if you’re lucky) and your teachers (if you’re lucky). When you’re a kid, who notices when you get a haircut? Who asks what you got for Christmas? Who laughs at your jokes? Mom, Dad and Teacher.

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