Rent a Dog

by beagoodmom on May 24, 2007

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Mamaw and Papaw recently went on a weekend trip. They have a very nice neighbor who would have let their dog out, but we asked if we could dog-sit instead. We knew the kids would enjoy it. Mamaw and Papaw’s dog, we’ll call her “Chloe” to protect her privacy, is a 11 year old Sheltie. She is just about the nicest dog you could imagine. Seriously, she could find work as a propaganda dog…duping potential dog owners into believing that all dogs are as well behaved and easy to manage as she is. For 4 days, Chloe became the center of Geetle’s universe. Every day, we would hear Geetle talking to Chloe, things like “Look Chloe, this doll has pajamas on.” or “Chloe, do you like my sunglasses?” Geetle also insisted that we walk Chloe twice a day and that she come with us to wait for the preschool bus. BAGD and I fielded questions about why Chloe’s toenails made noise when she walked, why her feet were so hairy, whether or not she really liked dog food, etc. We also cheered for Chloe, at Geetle’s insistence, every time Chloe walked up the stairs by herself. It was very cute to see how much Geetle enjoyed it all. Chloe was her baby for 4 days and she tried really hard to take good care of her.

Pookie and Chloe have always gotten along. Chloe is one of those dogs who understands that kids like to poke, pet and pull. She lets Pookie rub her fur the wrong way and run his hands down her tail. She even let him stick his finger in her ear…at least twice. While we knew that Geetle would enjoy having Chloe around, we did not know if Pookie would really care. We know he likes Chloe when we visit Mamaw’s, but would he understand the uniqueness of her staying with us for 4 days? On the morning of day 3, I went into the bedroom that Pookie and Geetle share. Usually, as soon as I open the door, Pookie rushes past me. But, I always make him stop and tell me where he is going. Usually, he will tell me “going to eat breakfast.” That morning he told me “going to see Chloe.”

On the evening of our last day with Chloe, she joined us for story-time.

chloe at story time

If you do not have a dog, consider borrowing one for a few days. Your kids will love it.

chloe spends the weekend

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