He’s just not that into you

by beagoodmom on May 25, 2007

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love and boredom

Well, when you are 4 year old twins, it’s not that easy to call. Like all parents, we wonder if our kids merely tolerate each other, or if they really like each other. I think they do really like each other. The Evidence: today at breakfast, I got out two plates, one green and one red. I randomly gave Pookie the red one as he was the only one actually sitting in his chair at that moment. He asked for the green instead, so I said “fine.” Then Geetle entered the room and said the green was her favorite and she wanted it. I told her no, and got breakfast underway. I turned back from the toaster and saw Pookie, of his own free-will and not in response to a whining Geetle, give the green plate to her. “For Geetle,” he said. Aaawwwww!

The Evidence, later the same day: I gave the kids each a popsicle and left to check on the laundry. When I came back, only Pookie was at the table. I hunted Geetle down and asked her why she was not eating her popsicle at the table. She said “I didn’t like it, so I gave it to Pookie. He likes the red ones” Good job!

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