The Expert

by beagoodmom on May 27, 2007

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Geetle is an expert on many topics, just ask her. Its really kind of cute. She really does not believe us when we tell her she is wrong. Sometimes when we tell her that we are leaving in 10 minutes, she will want to stay longer and say “how about 7?” She is pretty sure that Vanilla Ice Cream is actually called Pernella Ice Cream. She knows what sound a “v” makes, its just that “V” makes a “P” sound in that particular case. And its only true in the case of Pernella Ice Cream. She is pretty sure that you can tell whether its hot or cold outside by looking at what the trees are doing. She ties her shoes by twisting the laces together and declaring “there!”

But as often as she is wrong, she is right. She remembers the time we went to the waterpark hotel when she was 2 1/2. She could tell you what highway exit to take in order to get there. She knows what compost is and how to use it. She knows that BAGD types on his computer and then puts things on the internet (which she believes to be a TV channel.) She knows where the various departments are at Target.

the expert

Once when her great grandparents were baby sitting, they took 3 year old Geetle and Pookie to McDonalds for lunch. On the way back, Great Grandpa missed the turn for our neighborhood, and Geetle told him so. So he asked her what he should do now. She told him to turn by the tire place where Daddy takes the car. They got home safely.

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