Why does so much of my life happen below knee-level?

by beagoodmom on June 8, 2007

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Now that I am 5 months pregnant, I am starting to notice some difficulty in bending over. This is bad news, because 45-60% of my life seems to involve things below knee-level. When I was pregnant with Geetle and Pookie, Mamaw helped me with house-cleaning (once a week or so, because the house stayed pretty tidy), BAGD did the cat box, and if I dropped something I just left it and walked away. BAGD thought it was cute that he had to help me put on my shoes. I could go days without bending over. Now that we have 2 preschoolers, I am AMAZED at how often I need to bend over. There are messes to clean up, shoes to put away, toys to pick up, noses to wipe, jackets to zip, Duplo blocks too close to the gas/brake pedal in my car, entire sandwiches on the floor, etc. And that’s all before I get my own shoes on.

On Tuesday, I tried to see how long I could go without bending over. I made it thru breakfast. I picked a ponytail holder up with my toes. I made Geetle bring in the newspaper. Then I bumped the shower caddy and a razor fell into the tub. DARN! You know I had to pick that up! I made it until about 9:15 am. Uncle JB and Aunt Bean loaned me a pickup-pincher thing meant for the elderly. I need to wear that thing around my neck; it’s never in the same room as I am. The main problem right now is that I should not be bending over…but I technically still can. I can’t wait for a few weeks/month until it is no longer possible. Then some of the problem will be eliminated. It will keep me honest.

There seems to be one good thing coming out of my new physical limitation. The kids see me doing more things with my feet and are practicing too. With any luck, they might have a career in the circus and can support me and BAGD in our old age.

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