Status Of The Overtime Project

by beagooddad on June 1, 2007

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The big overtime project has been cancelled for now. The client wanted somebody more available during the daytime hours and I am already locked into a daytime project. Que sera. There is always the possibility that they will not be able to find anybody else to do it and it will become available for me later.

I’m bummed at the loss of the money but very happy with not needing to work the hours.

I just found out that another much smaller overtime project might be in my near future anyway with a client that I already know and get along with very well.

As for the guest posts, I’m still interested in anybody and everybody who is interested still writing their post. I have already received a few and have promises of a handful more. I’m looking forward to introducing more of my internet friends over the next several weeks.

Now that things might be settling down, I promise to actually start writing some of my own posts again starting tomorrow which is really only an hour and fifteen minutes away now.

Also, I’m very jealous of how nice Island Life is looking after the recent overhaul. I really need to quit being so cheap and get somebody that know what they are doing to overhaul this site.

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