You’re not going to believe this

by beagoodmom on June 9, 2007

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Pookie is 100% potty trained at home. He can wear shorts around the house and be trusted to poop and pee in the potty. Sometimes he tells us, sometimes he doesn’t. But he is 100% accurate. We are happy. We decided to take a little break from full time potty training and enjoy our sucesses. Therefore, we do not really expect Pookie to pee in public potties, he wears a pull-up when we go out…and thats fine with us for now.

Remember, how Pookie peed in his first public potty a few weeks ago, at the Brookfield Zoo? Remember how surprised we were? Well…….we went back to the zoo again today…and we got a few other suprises. Let me tell you,

Pookie got himself dressed this morning, donald duck style. No pants. While I was on the phone setting up his summer tutoring schedule, he pooped in the potty. I only know that because Geetle told me she flushed it for him. Then when it was time to leave for the zoo he put on a pull up and shorts; this was 9am. We drove to the zoo, saw some bears, and had lunch around noon. Pookie was in a touchy mood, but we couldn’t figure out why. Turns out, his pull up was dry as a bone. BAGD took him to the bathroom (the very same spot where he had his first public potty pee) and he peed like a racehorse.

2pm or so, Geetle danced in the children’s fountain, but Pookie was grumpy again. Pull up still dry. Another trip to the potty, another pee.

4pm or so, we rode the zoo train and got ready to leave the park. Everyone made one last bathroom stop before getting in the car. Pull up still dry, another proper potty pee. Once out of the area, we stopped so BAGD could have a taco on the way home. After a 45 minute trip home, still dry. A few more proper potty pees before bed.

That means he used 0 pull ups today. On a day where we were gone from 9 am to 5pm, every single pee went in a potty, most of them at the zoo. BAGD and I are in shock. We knew he could do it, but we did not expect it to happen in one day. Technically, it happened “one day” not “in one day.” We have no guarantee that Pookie can do it again tomorrow (when he goes to get fitted for a tux for Aunt Shel’s wedding.) But I think we can keep this momentum going.

One big thing was missing today, however. Instead of telling us he had to pee, Pookie just got restless and grumpy. Even when we asked him if he had to go, he would not say so. We need to teach him how to vocalize his need to go. That is probably our next hurdle. He definately did not want to pee in that pull up. When the pressure started to build, he got grumpy, but did not know how to express what he needed. That is typical of ASD. We know that, but were reminded of it again today.

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