When Egg Donation Gets Creepy

by beagooddad on June 11, 2007

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There is something a little creepy using donor sperm and eggs. I’m love the guy that donated the sperm that enable us to have Pookie, Geetle, and Taco Supreme. But, still there is something a little creepy about the whole thing.

But, a mom in Montreal just raised the creepy factor to a whole new level. Her daughter has a genetic disorder that will most likely make her ovaries not develop properly.

So good old mom stepped in to donate some of her own eggs. The eggs will be frozen until the daughter decides she is ready to have kids of her own.

The daughter is currently 7.

As a fertility challenged man, there is no way that I would have let our children be created using either of my parents eggs or sperm. No way.

There is also no way that I would ever be the parent of my own sibling. No way. Creepy.

How do you explain that at the class reunions?

What happens when Grandma does not approve of the way her daughter is raising her daughter/granddaughter?

How do you ask your mom for help breastfeeding your brother or sister?  Yuck.

I think the whole plot would make for a really excellent book or movie but I can not believe the kid will over want to use her mom’s egg…her own sibling in fact…to get pregnant.

Again, I am a big fan of IVF, but sometimes surrogate or adoption is a better alternative.

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